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Automotive - Active Charge Air Cooling

How does it work?

The turbo-expander is the key component in the ACC system. It functions as a cold-air turbocharger:

  • The thermodynamic process is 'air standard refrigeration cooling'
  • Active Charge Cooling (ACC) is a means for both reducing and controlling charge air temperatures
  • The turbo-expander compresses primary boost air which is cooled through an intercooler and then expanded across the turbine
  • This reduces the temperature of the air to below ambient levels if needed
  • Power generated by the turbine drives the turbo-expander compressor
  • Temperature control is achieved by a patented air-mixing process driven by target air manifold temperature
  • Reducing intake air temperature improves the knock margin, enabling reductions in excess fuel inputs and improving both power and fuel economy.

Our Active Charge Air Cooling system comprises the following items:

  • A turbo expander unit - roughly the size of a turbocharger. Our unit has sealed for life high capacity bearings so does not need an oil supply and can be mounted in any orientation to suit the installation requirements of your vehicle
  • An additional intercooler
  • Pipework that fits into the existing inlet piping on the vehicle
  • All mounting and securing brackets and bolts.
  • A standalone control system
  • Full test results to confirm the reduced engine inlet temperatures

Turbo expander unit

Active Charge Air Cooling system
Active Charge Air Cooling system
Active Charge Air Cooling system
Active Charge Air Cooling system

What are the benefits?

Our road and dyno tests show an increase in power of 10-15% plus a fuel economy improvement of around 10% - depending on the duty cycle of the vehicle

The fuel savings will be greater when the engine is operating at high power for longer. If you are interested in a specific engine, talk to us for a tailored prediction of the performance improvement you might expect from our system.