Why should I look at Active Charge Air Cooling?

Posted: 30th October, 2018

Why should I look at Active Charge Air Cooling?

The question everyone has on their lips when meeting new technology for the first time is “What’s in it for me?”  This is a natural response and one which we are mindful of when we talk about our Active Charge Air Cooling system. 

Why should an engineer, designer or product manager want to know more?

We have a few simple questions to help you figure out if ACC is for you and your projects and vehicles:

  • Are you using or working with highly boosted gasoline engines?
  • Is your engine pushing the knock limit when you’re striving for the last bit of extra power?
  • Will your vehicle operate in conditions that have a high ambient temperature?

If you answer YES to any of these then you could find lots of benefits in utilising our innovative technology.

Reducing intake air temperature improves the knock margin, enabling reductions in excess fuel inputs and improving both power and fuel economy. 

Our system allows the designer or owner to set the required inlet temperature and that will be maintained during variations in ambient conditions and the load on the engine.

The next question that normally comes to mind is “Will it fit under the bonnet?” 

Modern vehicles do have very limited space in the engine bay but we have found that, with some careful planning and routing of pipework etc, our system can be fitted in.  The best way to explore this is to arrange a visit where we can bring the actual kit and carry out a trial fitting.

If you would like to see a more detailed explanation of how our system works and the benefits it produces, click here.

We would love to come and show you the physical product and demonstrate its amazing cooling power. You can also drive our demonstration vehicle to see for yourself the ability of our system to dramatically reduce inlet temperatures. Or why not let us hook up our mobile test rig module to your own vehicle and you can see how it produces cold air immediately? 

We’re just a phone call away on 01444 410564 or email info@aircycletechnology.co.uk.

Steve Hinton is Director and joint owner of Air Cycle Technology and responsible for guiding the growth of this exciting and innovative engineering and manufacturing business. With a First Class Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering, Steve has a wealth of experience from years in the rail industry and management consultancy and is a Fellow and past Chairman of the British American Project, a transatlantic leadership development and networking organisation.

Contact Steve direct on steve.hinton@aircycletechnology.co.uk, call 01444 410564 or arrange a free consultation here.

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