How to get more power and better fuel consumption

Posted: 23rd April, 2018

How to get more power and better fuel consumption

We all want more power and better fuel consumption, right? 

What’s the point of having a highly boosted turbocharged engine if it drinks fuel and often fails to achieve its design power output.

It goes without saying that anything that can give us more miles per litre of fuel is of interest but what would you say if there was some way to not only get better economy but lots more power too? 

The key thing to consider in this fight to square the circle is the temperature of the charge air. 

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In modern engines, the ECU is constantly monitoring the onset of detonation.  As the inlet air temperature rises and the knock limit is approached, the system retards the ignition to avoid detonation but this only increases the temperature still further.  It also of course reduces the power produced. 

The problem gets worse the longer high power is required and/or the ambient temperature is high.  The next line of defence for the engine is to inject excess fuel to cool the combustion and stave off detonation.  This extra fuel is unburnt and completely wasted and goes straight out of the exhaust. 

The end result is therefore an engine which should be extremely powerful and efficient, but in reality fails to deliver the power and offers poor economy.

The best way to avoid this double bind of loss of power together with poor fuel consumption is to actively control the temperature of the inlet air.  This is the value of our Active Charge Air Cooling system.  It is unique in that it can not only reduce the charge air temperature but also maintain it at a specified level. 

This has huge benefits in terms of achieving the full potential power of the engine and improving fuel economy.  For engine designers it offers the chance to increase the compression ratio of the engine to deliver even more power and efficiency gains.

We would love to show you how our system works and explore how we might help you reach the magic combination of more power and better fuel economy for your turbocharged engine installation.  Get in touch here for more information and to set up a confidential discussion.

Steve Hinton is Director and joint owner of Air Cycle Technology and responsible for guiding the growth of this exciting and innovative engineering and manufacturing business. With a First Class Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering, Steve has a wealth of experience from years in the rail industry and management consultancy and is a Fellow and past Chairman of the British American Project, a transatlantic leadership development and networking organisation.

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