The unique Active Charge Air Cooling system

Did you know that the performance of your petrol engine is very sensitive to the temperature of the air entering the cylinders?

Modern turbocharged engines are operating on the limits of combustion and are very susceptible to detonation or knock (this is when the fuel air mixture explodes in the cylinder, causing high pressures and stresses, instead of burning smoothly to produce effective power).

The electronic engine control units protect against this by retarding the ignition (which reduces power and increases the temperature of the engine and the exhaust system) and then putting in extra fuel to try and cool the engine back down. The net effect is reduced power and much poorer fuel consumption.

Our Active Charge Air Cooling system is the best way to reduce, in a controllable way, the charge air temperature. It complements and can work alongside other technologies (eg High load EGR, Water injection, Miller Cycle, VCR etc), enhancing their performance still further.

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Active Charge Air Cooling system
Active Charge Air Cooling system
Active Charge Air Cooling system
Active Charge Air Cooling system

Getting More Power

The knock limit can be dramatically increased if the air entering the engine - the “charge air” - can be cooled to ambient temperature or below.

The problem is that turbocharging itself heats the charge air as it is compressed and the intercooler, which compensates for this, can only get down to within 15oC~20oC of ambient.

In warm conditions and hot climates this is a problem.

Getting more power